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Why should I use my Benilde Google account instead of my personal account for school stuff?

Your Benilde Mail is assigned to you as soon as you officially join Benilde.  It gives you access to the Google Apps for Education account which are the same apps as the regular account with some bonuses.

For your personal use, it is a good idea to use your personal Gmail account.  But for school-related things, there are many advantages to using your Benilde Google account.

  • It does not have any ads, which means fewer distractions and more productivity.
  • Your combined Gmail and Google Drive storage is much bigger.
  • It is more secure. Sharing files within the organization is easy.  Outside the organization is not possible unless you specifically allow it, this includes access to regular Gmail accounts.
  • Google apps integrate seamlessly with BigSky.
  • Finding email addresses of anyone in the organization is easy to find
  • One login gives you access to all Google apps
  • It gives you access to pro or edu versions of other software such as Canva, Adobe, Autodesk, and Microsoft that have features not available in the basic versions of the apps.

How much bigger is my storage on my Benilde Google account?

At present, Google storage space is unlimited, yey!  But in 2022, Google will be implementing changes and one of those changes is limited storage.  Despite the soon-to-be-implemented limit, it still promises to be ample space for your school projects such as videos, animation, raw photography files, illustrations, etc.

How do I login to my Google Account?

Go to on your browser and click on the SIGN IN button at the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

That will bring you to the sign-in page.  Type in your Benilde email address.  It is your full name (with your first and second name together and your last name separated by a dot) followed by  If you do not have a second name, then just your first name.

Click on NEXT, this will bring you to the next screen which will ask for your password.  By default, this will be the same as your INFONET password.  Click on NEXT again.  You are now logged into your Benilde Google account and can access all Google Apps in the suite.

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