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Where can I request a sandbox on BigSky?

The sandbox is a Bigsky feature available to faculty and associates.

Sandbox for faculty use

The sandbox is an empty course where you can work on designing your class without your students seeing you build it. It is meant as course development for a single user so there is no one added to it. The course built in the sandbox can later be exported to a file then imported into the actual course. You can export all its contents and settings or just the parts you need.

Sandbox for special use

You can also request a sandbox to use for special group activities such as:

  • Bigsky training
  • LP Grant
  • Capstone and/or Advising Course creation and enrolment
  • SPaCE
  • Add/update a class list of an existing Bigsky course

You can request a sandbox by filling up the Bigsky Sandbox Course Request Form.

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