When should I get clearance from the Benilde Well-Being Center (BWC)?

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There are only three instances when you would need to get clearance from the Benilde Well-Being Center (BWC).  They are:

  • When you want to apply for a leave of absence
  • When you intend to transfer to another school, and you need transfer credentials
  • When you are about to graduate

Can I ask for clearance any time I want?

You will have to coordinate with your records-in-charge first to secure the documents you need.  Once you are given the go signal to get your clearances, that is the only time you can request clearance from BWC.

Why do I need to get clearance from BWC at all?

Aside from being a requirement set by the school, it is also our way of checking in to find out how you are feeling, your reasons for leaving, and if you have any concerns that you want to raise.  Those concerns could be personal or school-related.

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