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CSBLIFE is a course designed for new Benildeans. It aims to prepare and orient students on Benilde’s Philosophy of Learning, its culture, and the life skills needed to cope with college and various life situations.

In CSBLIFE, you will participate in different activities within the college. These activities will focus not only on the mind, but also the heart and soul, and can be applied in your daily lives.

I’m required to attend CSBLIFE activities; where can I see the activities that I can join?

You can view accredited CSBLIFE activities in the CSBLIFE/CSBGRAD portal

How can I participate in an accredited CSBLIFE activity?

To participate in an accredited CSBLIFE activity, in the CSBLIFE/CSBGRAD portal, choose an activity and read the activity details. Take note of the registration process and follow it.

How many accredited CSBLIFE activities am I required to attend?

You are required to attend at least five CSBLIFE accredited activities. The number of activities you attended will have a direct impact on your CSBLIFE grade. CSBLIFE Accredited Activities is 10% of your grade, while the Reflection Papers you’ll submit from attending these activities is 25% of your grade.

How can I know if the activity I’ll attend is accredited for CSBLIFE?

If the activity is listed under CSBLIFE Activities in the CSBLIFE/CSBGRAD portal, then it’s accredited. If not, then the activity will not be credited for your CSBLIFE activities requirement.

Can I attend activities outside Benilde? Can these activities be counted for my CSBLIFE requirement?

Yes, you can attend activities outside Benilde. However, these activities are not counted for your CSBLIFE requirement if it’s not listed in the accredited CSBLIFE activities.

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