What are the support services for students?

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As Benilde SHS students, you will enjoy the same academic and student services as our college students. In line with the ongoing online classes, the following services are available:

  • Online academic support from your teachers, adviser, or principal
  • Access to Br.Fidelis Leddy Learning Resource Center (LRC) Virtual Library for online collection and digital reference services
  • Online well-being services from our Benilde Well-Being Center (BWC) with programs like telepsychology
  • Online support for students with specific educational needs and other physical and sensorial disabilities provided by our Center for Inclusive Education (CIE)
  • Online technical support for password and access concerns from our Digital Technology Office (DTO)
  • Online technical support and assistance for issues and concerns in using BigSky Benilde from our Center for Educational Technology (CET)
  • Online intellectual property support services from our Intellectual Property Management Center (IPMC)

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