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Visit Benilde as a Guest

Are you expecting guests or visitors for an upcoming meeting or event at Benilde? To ensure hassle-free entry for your guests, kindly submit the Visitors Entry Permit Form at least 2 days before the expected arrival of the guests to the Center For Emergency, Management, Safety, and Security Office (CEMSS). If there are more than 3 guests, attach a list of their names to the permit. You can also indicate their vehicle plate numbers so they can park their vehicles in the D+A Campus parking space. Guests can park in the mezzanine, upper ground floor, third floor, and fourth floor. The second floor is for students only. Note that the parking space for guests is on a first-come-first-served basis. Only Benildeans can submit a Visitor’s Entry Permit.

For security purposes, only individuals whose names appear on our list of endorsed visitors will be allowed entry into the campus. If your name is not on the list, we will verify with the Benildean you are visiting first before letting you inside the campus. This process helps ensure everyone’s safety and security while on campus. As a guest, please note that you can only stay in the venue indicated in your permit and are expected to adhere to the rules and regulations of the College. 

For walk-in guests such as parents paying for tuition fees, they will be given an Acknowledgement Slip to be signed by the person they visited (for example, the Finance Department). Give the signed slip to the security personnel before you leave the campus.

All guests must have a valid ID to present or surrender to the security guards in exchange for a visitor’s pass.  All guests are subject to security protocols upon entry such as bag inspection and metal detection.

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