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View Enlisted Courses

View the courses you were enlisted in during the enrollment period. Check the calendar of activities to know when you can do this. If there are any changes in the schedule, it will be sent to Bmail, so always check your Inbox for updates. Follow these steps:

  1. During the adjustment viewing period, go to the Student Information System and log in using your Infonet account. 
  2. Click Adjustment Viewing from the Menu
  3. Read the Announcement and click Continue.
  4. You can view your pre-enlisted courses. The courses are based on your flowchart (Menu>Flowchart). If you need to add or drop a course from the pre-enlisted list, you can do this during the Adjustment Add/Drop schedule.

Can’t view your enlistment record?

Follow these steps if you’re having problems with adjustment viewing:

  • If you’re accessing the Student Information System on a mobile device, switch to a laptop or desktop computer for a better viewing experience. 
  • Check if it’s already the schedule for adjustment viewing; this feature is only available during the specified dates. Changes in enrollment schedule are sent to BMail, so always check your Inbox for updates.
  • Check if you have any pending clearance that you have to clear. Settle fees to the Finance Department and get a copy of your receipt by filling out the Official Receipt (OR) Request form or sending proof of your payment to
  • If you can’t log in to your Infonet account, reset your password or contact Helpdesk if you can no longer remember your recovery email address.
  • If you were on LOA or AWOL, go through the process of returning to Benilde. You can start with the enrollment process during the Late Enrollment period if you applied during the late returnee application schedule.
  • If you’re an international student, your Visa, ACR, or passport may have expired already, email
  • If you have already exceeded your maximum retention period, get in touch with your records associate.

Need further assistance?

Please submit a ticket.

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