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Who are we?

The Center for Lasallian Ministry’s drive is to uphold and develop the Lasallian Spiritual Foundation of the community. This is done through student and adult formation programs as an accompaniment to their academics and work, in the context of the Lasallian Mission.


What do we do for the Benildean Community (and beyond)?

We serve the community by placing perspectives in the context of Lasallian spirituality. Students, faculty, associates, and parents are given a mindset that what they do is not simply study or work, but a way they can contribute their gifts and talents to the community. The center conducts recollections, retreats and other formation activities such as:

  • Holy Mass

  • Confession

  • Spiritual Counseling

  • Office/ Event/ Personal Blessing

  • Pastoral Visit


You may also access our Frequently Asked Questions here.

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