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Q: What is the schedule of our mass?

A: Since we are still adjusting to the new normal, our schedule of mass is as follows:

  • Chapel of the Resurrection (Taft Chapel) – every Wednesday at 12:10 PM


Q: Is our chaplain available for confession and spiritual counseling?

A: Yes, our chaplain is available for confession and/or spiritual counseling. The student/associate requesting for a confession and/or spiritual counseling may approach the assigned campus minister of the Center for Lasallian Ministry – Office for Worship (CLM-OW) to schedule an appointment with the chaplain. Once an appointment is made, the campus minister will in turn advise the requesting party regarding the availability of our chaplain.


Q: Is our chaplain available for a blessing? (Office / Event / Personal)

A: Yes, our chaplain is available for a blessing. The requesting student/associate may approach the assigned campus minister of the Office for Worship to schedule an appointment with the chaplain regarding the blessing. Once an appointment is made, the campus minister will in turn advise the requesting party regarding the availability of our chaplain.


Q: Is our chaplain available for a pastoral visit?

A: Yes, our chaplain is available for a pastoral visit. A request for a pastoral visit can be made in coordination with the assigned campus minister of CLM-OW for the following: a deceased member of the school community or an immediate family of a Benildean; sick call for the members of the college community or an immediate family member of a Benildean. The campus minister of CLM-OW will get in touch with the requesting party for the details of the pastoral visit. Once a schedule is made, the campus minister will in turn advise the requesting party regarding the date and time of the pastoral visit to be made.


Q: Can we request for a mass card?

A: Mass cards are readily available in the Center for Lasallian Ministry. The requesting party can approach any associate of the Center in preparing a mass card. A payment fee of 150 for the mass card will be made by the requesting party to the Finance Office. If the request is personally made, the fee of 150 will be personally paid by the requesting party. If the request is made on behalf of the office/center of the college community, a charge slip will be given to the representative of the office/center which he/she needs to have it approved by the director of their office/center. Once approved, the requesting party will then go back to CLM for the endorsement prior to payment to the Finance Department.


Q: How can I request for mass intentions?

A: Request for mass intentions can be sent to the center’s email: Intentions can also be made through the Padlet provided by the Center of the Lasallian Ministry. The Padlet can be accessed on this site.


Q: I am FROSH, is it required to attend the BeniRe Sessions?

A: YES, all students are required to attend regardless of religious affiliation or denomination. Recollections and retreat are institutional requirements for graduation as stated in the Student Handbook under graduation requirements. Please Student Handbook page 79, Section 6.1.1.

STARTING ID NUMBER 121 and following, BeniRe Sessions must be taken simultaneous with the following Theology subjects enrolled:

  • BeniRe I and BIBCHECO

  • BeniRe II and REEXECO

  • BeniRe III and MARFRET


Q: I am a TRANSFEREE, is it required to complete the BeniRe I, II, and III?

A: YES, all students, including transferees, are required to complete BeniRe I, II, and III before applying for graduation.


Q: I am NOT ENROLLED, can I enlist and attend the Online BeniRe Session?

A: YES, you can enlist and attend even if not enrolled.


Q: I am GRADUATING with one term left, can I enlist both BeniRe II and BeniRe III?

A: NO, our policy states that only one BeniRe should be schedule per term.


Q: I am SCHOLAR, is it required to pay for the BeniRe Fees?

A: If your scholarship grant is under the following categories, BeniRe Fees are subsidized by the Center for Scholarship and Grants (CSaG):

  1. Athlete

  2. BHG (Benildean Hope Grant)

  3. BASAP (Blessed Arnould Scholarship Assistance Program)


  5. KBG (Kapit-Bahay Grant Scholarship)

  6. SDEAS


Q: I have no stable internet connection for the Online BeniRe Sessions, how can I attend?

A: As we gradually go back to our face to face school activities, CLM is soon offering the limited F2F BeniRe Sessions but with limited slots only. However, we still continue to conduct the Online BeniRe Sessions through Zoom.

Further announcements and updates will be posted through the email or CLM Facebook Page Benilde-Center for Lasallian Ministry.


Q: Where can I register for BENIRE Sessions?

A: Registration for the BeniRe Enlistment can be requested via email. Send your request to


Q: Is it possible to adjust the scheduled date of my BENIRE if we have an important presentation/activity in class that day? (Are students given a chance to select their own schedule should there be conflict with any class schedules?)

A: Rescheduling of BeniRe Sessions is allowed as long as it has a valid reason according to the ff:

  1. Major class schedule or academic requirement (with letter from Professor)

  2. Medical concern (with Medical Certificate)

  3. Family Concern (with letter from parents)

  4. Major internet Connection problem

CLM must be informed ahead of time for rescheduling.


Q: If I didn’t attend my Online BENIRE will they refund my payment?

A: Refund is allowed if the reason is valid. If not, the student must pay the fee again for a new BeniRe schedule.


Q: What happens if I do not take any BENIRE?

A: Without BeniRe, SIS clearance will be put on hold. Students with no BeniRe I, II, and III are considered non-compliant.


Q: Can payments be processed directly thru mobile banking and not thru GCash?

A: The Finance Department is using the GCash Payment Transaction for Fees including BeniRe. CLM is following its directive.

However, starting ID Numbers 121 and following, payments are embedded in the Student Enrollment Records (SER) with the Theology Subjects BIBCHECO, REEXECO, and MARFRET.

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