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Who are we?

The Center for Inclusive Education (CIE) was established to promote the concept of inclusion to the Benildean community. We strive to ensure that Benilde is an inclusive space, advocating and promoting sensitivity, and providing support and accommodation to students with Specific Learning Needs (SLN) in both academics and social relations.


What do we do for the Benildean Community?

We provide the Benildean community with the following services:

  • Assisting students under the CIE with academics and making sure they are provided reasonable accommodations that can help them thrive in the school.

  • Giving a series of talks for CIE students to equip them with skills they need to succeed in Benilde.

  • Helping Benildeans and Non-Benildians in studies and/or research on inclusion.

  • Organizing events that would ensure that the Benildean community is well-equipped with the skills needed to be inclusive.

  • Assisting in writing of inclusive legislation to ensure that the College is an inclusive environment for all.

  • Writing or assisting in writing inclusion-related lessons.

  • Developing content to promote Benildean inclusion.


You may also access our Frequently Asked Questions here.

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