Get a Zoom Pro Account

Get a Zoom Pro Account  All Benildean associates, teaching and nonteaching, have access to a licensed version of Zoom. With the licensed version, you can host meetings with unlimited meeting time and with up to 300 participants.  You also have access to the following features: Customize personal meeting ID Record to the Zoom cloud Be […]

Do I need to download Zoom to use it?

It is not necessary to download Zoom to use it so long as you have a browser and an internet connection.  However, there is a distinct difference when using each version of the app. There are three versions of Zoom: the app for a computer (desktop or laptop), the mobile app, and the browser-based version. […]

Where can I request group training in using BigSky, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom for me and my friends?

CET initiated trainings The Center for Educational Technology (CET) schedules regular group training that is open to anyone from the Benildean community.  These are regularly communicated via email and social media.  Slots are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Check your Benilde email regularly and follow their official account on Facebook for updates. Department initiated […]

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