What is the grading system used in Benilde Senior High School?

As prescribed by the Department of Education on the grading system for Senior High School programs, students will be assessed based on performance tasks. The minimum grade needed to pass a specific learning area is 60, which is transmuted to 75 in the report card. The lowest mark that can appear on the report card […]

Is there a school uniform?

Right now, Benilde SHS does not prescribe a uniform. Once face-to-face classes resume, consultation with Benilde SHS stakeholders will be held to decide on this matter. However, depending on your subject requirements, your teacher may require you to wear corporate/executive attire or other subject-specific uniforms for some synchronous sessions (classes where all students in a […]

What are the requirements that I have to submit?

You have to submit soft copies of the following documents to admissions@benilde.edu.ph to proceed with your application: PSA Birth Certificate 1 piece 2X2 colored picture taken in the last 6 months Download and fill out the following forms:  Application form 2 Recommendation Forms  Forward this to two (2) officials who know you well from your […]

Is there a learning management system for Benilde Senior High School?

Bigsky Benilde is our official integrated learning platform. It is a responsive, pedagogically-driven, and future-focused online learning environment that provides limitless possibilities for students and faculty. Amid this global pandemic, the College is prepared to continue its mission through the fully online delivery of courses. Instructors have been trained not only to teach using Bigsky […]

What is the class modality for Benilde Senior High? Are classes held online?

Right now, our default modality will be fully online through the use of our learning management system, in line with our objective of continuing the delivery of Benilde education without compromising the safety and health of our students. However, once the Department of Education and the Commission on Higher Education permits us to hold face-to-face […]

What sets Benilde Senior High School apart from other schools?

True to Benilde’s mission to offer innovative and meaningful educational programs, Benilde Senior High School’s tracks are designed to prepare students in their transition to college life through apprenticeship. Mentored by licensed and industry-practicing teachers who are also master’s degree-holders in an industry-grade environment, students will gain a head start in college through SHS tracks […]

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