How do I record on Google Meet?

There are two ways to record a meeting on Google Meet.  To illustrate, let us look at the Google Meet toolbar. There are several icons to be found in the toolbar located at the bottom of the screen but to record a Google Meeting, you can go through ACTIVITIES or MORE OPTIONS. Activities The ACTIVITIES […]

When can I start recording a Google Meeting?

If you are recording the Google Meeting for documentation or as a reference for later it is always a good idea to wait until all the participants have entered the meeting.  Make sure to let them know you will be recording and that they are ok with it. If you are making a video presentation, […]

Why should I record a Google Meeting?

Here are reasons you may want to make a Google Meet recording: For documentation Nowadays most organizations prefer to have an archive of the meetings for documentation purposes. As a Reference While most people still take down notes, it is always helpful to have a video copy (especially for classes and important meetings) so that […]

Can I record a Google Meeting?

Anyone can record a Google Meeting if: You were the one who created the meeting You are a participant of the meeting and you joined it using the same organization email address, in this case, your Benilde account.

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