How do I use the whiteboard?

The whiteboard is an interactive interface, which means that everyone in the call could write, draw, and scribble in it.  At the top-middle of the screen is the FRAMES icon. It lets you add a frame which you or others can work on without deleting the content of the active frame. On the left side […]

Where can I access the whiteboard on Google Meet?

There are two places where you can find the whiteboard on Google Meet.  To illustrate, let us look at the Google Meet toolbar. There are several icons to be found in the toolbar located at the bottom of the screen but to record a Google Meeting, you can go through ACTIVITIES or MORE OPTIONS. Activities […]

What is the whiteboard on Google Meet?

What is the whiteboard on Google Meet? Think of the whiteboard on Google Meet as if it were a physical whiteboard in a classroom or conference room.  You can write and draw on it as you discuss your lecture, you use it to illustrate key points of the discussion, and you can also use it […]

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