Can I borrow a computer to use while we are working from home?

While we are all working from home, the Digital Technology Office (DTO) has allocated a few computer units that they can lend to FACULTY AND ASSOCIATES.  These units are limited so not every request can be accommodated. How do I make a request for a computer? Email a request to your department chairperson/head.  Make sure […]

How often should I change my Benilde Mail password?

Your Benilde Mail account is linked to your Infonet account, which (ordinarily) changes its password every term. This means that your Gmail password also changes every term, but not necessarily at the start of the term. A notice to reset your password usually occurs 14 weeks after the last time you reset it. To do […]

I am a returnee student, can I access my old Infonet account?

Welcome back! We are happy that you have returned. 🙂 After you have settled your requirements with the Registrar’s Office as a returnee, your account will be activated. If you forgot your password, click here for instructions on resetting your password. If you are unable to reset your password on your own, you can send […]

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