Add or Drop a Course

Add or Drop a Course You can add or drop the courses you enlisted in during the adjustment period. Check the calendar of activities to know when you can do this. Follow these steps: During enrollment, go to the Student Information System and log in using your Infonet account.  Click Adjustment Add/Drop from the Menu.  Read […]

I am so frustrated and keep getting failed marks on most of my subjects.

Life can be overwhelming and frustrating and this could affect your performance in school. Do you need someone to talk to? If you need to talk to someone, an impartial third party, the Benilde Well-Being Center (BWC) has registered guidance counselors who are available for counseling (personal, career, and academic). Go to to schedule […]

I’d like to shift to another program

Can I shift to a different program? As an undergraduate student, you can shift to a different program if: You have earned a residency of at least two (2) terms in your current degree program You passed the criteria set by the receiving school If you’re a Career Development Program (CDP) student shifting to a non-CDP degree program, […]

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