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Safety Tips

Our campuses are located in different locations in Taft and Arellano. For your safety inside and outside the campus, follow these tips:

  1. Save the Benilde Emergency Hotlines on your phones so you can call them right away:
    • Taft Campus: 0917-177-2000, (02) 8230-5100 Local 1911
    • AKIC Campus: 0917-190-4000, (02) 8230-5100 Local 2911
    • D+A Campus: 0917-192-3000, (02) 8230-5100 Local 3911
    • The Atrium@Benilde: 0917-310-4000
    • Sports and Dorm Complex: 0917-824-7000
  2. For medical assistance, save the following numbers to contact the clinic:
    • Taft Campus: 0917-168-1281, (02) 8230-5100 Local 1280
    • AKIC Campus: 0917-168-2281, (02) 8230-5100 Local 2280
    • D+A Campus: 0917-168-3280,  (02) 8230-5100 Local 3280
    • The Atrium@Benilde: 0917-168-7280,  (02) 8230-5100 Local 7280
    • Sports and Dorm Complex: 0917-168-3280
  3. Know the locations of the security office and clinic for each campus. The office of the Center for Emergency Management, Safety, and Security are in the following locations:
    • Taft Campus: Ground Floor S103, D105
    • AKIC Campus: Ground Floor
    • D+A Campus: Ground Floor G101
    • The Atrium@Benilde: Ground Floor
  4. The office of the Center for Health and Medical Services or clinic are in the following locations:
    • Taft Campus: Greenway Square
    • AKIC Campus: 7th Floor Room 714
    • D+A Campus: 3rd Floor Room A303
    • The Atrium@Benilde: 3rd Floor
  5. Know the locations of fire extinguishers, fire alarms, and fire exits wherever you are on campus. Be mindful of your surroundings so you know what to do during emergencies.
  6. When outside the campus, always be mindful of your belongings. Avoid using your phones or wearing expensive accessories that can attract the attention of thieves.

We also conduct regular drills that let us know and practice what to do in case of emergencies. Participate in these drills and keep them in mind. It’s always better to be prepared.

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