Return and Re-enroll to Benilde

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Return and Re-enroll to Benilde

If you were on Leave of Absence (LOA), submit the Returnee Form to the Office of the Registrar so you can enroll. The form accepts responses during the Application to Return schedule indicated in the Calendar of Activities.

If you were on AWOL, write a letter addressed to the Registrar for your intent to apply for re-enrollment. Application approval is subject to the conditions of the College.

Once your application is approved, you can re-enroll after paying the following:

  • If you’re on LOA, pay the returnee fee:
    • Php 502 for undergraduate students
    • Php 543 for graduate students.
  • If you’re on AWOL, pay the returnee fee and reactivation fee.

You can proceed with enrollment once your application to return is approved. 


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