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Reserve a Computer Laboratory

If you need to reserve a computer laboratory for a make-up class or workshop, you can check the room availability and reserve a room by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Computer Lab Schedule, Reservation, and Details Website. You can use this website to check the schedule and availability of all computer laboratories.
  2. Click Computer Laboratory Reservation. You can only do this if you’re an associate. Student organizations who need to reserve a computer lab for an activity should ask their adviser to do this.
  3. Read the Computer Laboratory Reservation Policies and click I Agree.
  4. Fill out the form. Choose the computer laboratory you will reserve and the schedule of your reservation. You can check the lab details to see if the room has the application you will use.
  5. Click Submit Request.
  6. Your request is submitted and will undergo review. Once cleared, you will receive a confirmation email of your lab reservation. It will also reflect on the website to show other users that this schedule is already reserved

Computer Laboratory Reservation Policies

  • The class size should exceed 25% of the lab capacity to reserve a computer laboratory.
  • The IT Department has allocated computers inside classrooms for presentations. ITD will not approve reservation requests if the computer laboratory will be used for presentation purposes only
  • Reservation should be made:
    • One (1) day before the date of use, when there are no configuration changes needed; and
    • One (1) week before the date of use, when there are configuration changes requested (like installation of software, etc.).
  • For student organization-sponsored hands-on seminars, a letter of endorsement from the Organization Adviser is required. It must be given to the External Operations Head at least a week before the date of use. The letter should contain the purpose, date and time, the software involved, the number of participants, and the instructor’s name. No unlicensed software will be installed.
  • Reservations are subject to the approval of the External Operations Head. Users will be notified if reservations are approved or denied. Among the points to be considered when reservations are made include the availability of the lab based on its schedule, the availability of software, the reservation record, the reasons for reservation, and the time allowance before the date of use.

Using the online reservation portal:

  • All computer laboratory reservations are subject to validation and approval. Users should be informed immediately in case of changes.
  • Faculty members are not allowed to reserve any computer laboratory for more than a month unless authorized.
  • Computer laboratories are designated for courses with computer laboratory schedules and fees only.
  • The ITD shall notify the faculty members with affected reservation schedules in the event of schedule adjustments.
  • ITD shall not make any schedule adjustment unless a confirmation from the faculty is received.
  • Reservation is on a first-come first-serve basis.

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