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Request for Car Sticker

Car stickers are issued to associates who park their vehicles in Benilde. This allows our Security team to verify that vehicles going inside our parking areas are owned and driven by Benilde associates. You can get a car sticker for your vehicle by filling out and submitting the Benilde Application for Car Park & Vehicle Registration Form

If you’re an agency-hired associate, you need to apply and register for a car sticker every term. If you’re teaching (full-time and part-time) or a non-teaching associate, you need to apply and register yearly. The car sticker fee is Php 500 for the first registered vehicle and Php 800 for the second registered vehicle.

By having a car sticker, you can park on the Design and Arts campus parking space for free. For other parking spaces, you need to use parking tickets.

Students parking their vehicles in Benilde can get parking tickets. Car sticker registration is only for associates.

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