Reinstatement of the INCOMPLETE (INC) Grade (AY 2021-2022)

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Consistent with the memo from the VCA (Welcome Letter to the Faculty, August 20, 2021), except for courses previously declared as deferrable, the grade of INCOMPLETE (INC) has been reinstated AY 2021-2022 for the duration of the quarantine period , with the following guidelines:

  • Students who have completed at least 50% of the course requirements as indicated in the syllabus but is unable to comply with the completion of other course requirements, final or otherwise, due to reasons related to the pandemic, are expected to inform their respective teachers and present supporting documents if needed.
  • The completion and submission of course requirements must be made within the succeeding term(s) prescribed by the program, but not to exceed two terms.
  • Students may submit requirements directly to their teachers either via Benilde Mail or through Bigsky if they still have access to their class.
  • The grade of INC will be lifted when the faculty files the GRADE COMPLETION FORM. Non-completion within the prescribed period will result in the retention of the grade earned (i.e., INC) with no credits, and the course must be re-enrolled by the student.
  • The submission of the completion requirements should be done on or before the 10th week of the succeeding two (2) terms, and the corresponding GRADE COMPLETION FORM submitted to the Registrar’s Office (RO) by the faculty within grades submission deadline.

The final grade of the student will be based on the overall assessment of the course requirements as deemed fair and appropriate by the Faculty.

However, in the case of a prerequisite course, the student’s completion of course requirements should be submitted within the first two weeks of the succeeding term. In case of inability to complete the submissions within this period, the student should withdraw from the enrolled sequential course on the 3rd up to 4th week of the term.

The GRADE COMPLETION FORM for prerequisite courses must be submitted by the faculty to the RO within the first two weeks of the succeeding term as well.

  • The INC grade will have no bearing on the graduation honors and awards (when on pandemic only).

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