Lockdown Procedures for Hostile Situations

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Lockdown Procedures for Hostile Situations

A lockdown is done when there is an individual on campus that poses a threat to life and may cause physical harm. When this happens, immediately do the following:

  1. You will hear an announcement that will serve as your signal to lockdown. When you hear this, lock and barricade your doors. You may use furniture to do this.
  2. Close the lights in your room and hide in an area out of the shooter’s view. Take note of areas where you can move and evacuate.
  3. Put your phones in silent mode and be quiet. Do not make any sound or use devices that can signal that there’s someone inside the room.
  4. Close the blinds and move away from glass windows and doors.
  5. Wait for emergency personnel to arrive. Be sure to identify that the person outside the door is a Benilde emergency or law enforcement personnel before you open them.

We regularly conduct drills to practice what to do in case of lockdowns. In situations like this, stay calm and follow what you did during the drills. 

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