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Know more about Benilde Deaf School

What sets Benilde Deaf School apart from other schools?

Benilde Deaf School is a bilingual-bicultural school. 


BDS considers Filipino Sign Language (FSL), the natural language of the deaf, as the primary language of instruction in the classroom to develop and instill language and identity. Next to this foundation of learning are its second and third languages namely written English and Filipino.


BDS recognizes the importance of Deaf culture, promotes its understanding and appreciation alongside hearing culture– giving students a holistic sense of community and pride.  The majority of our faculty members are Deaf to ensure that students have adult Deaf role models for language and identity.

Where is Benilde Deaf School located?

Benilde Deaf School is located at 1025 C. Ayala St. corner Arellano Manila.

Who can apply to Benilde Deaf School?

To apply to Benilde Deaf School, you must be:

  • An incoming Grade 7 or Grade 8 Deaf student
  • 17 years old or below at the start of the school year
  • Have an average grade of 80 and above at the end of the quarter for all subjects
  • Come from a signing school

Do you accept students who have other special needs apart from being deaf?

Yes. However, the student must submit a psychoeducational assessment report and must pass the assessment procedures. At present, we accept students with AD/HD and motor disabilities only.

We are not yet equipped to teach Deaf-blind students or Deaf students with cognitive delays.

Why do you only accept Grade 7 and Grade 8 applicants?

We give Grade 7 and 8 students intensive Filipino Sign Language (FSL) training.

After Grade 8, where can students continue their secondary education?

Students can transfer to public or private schools that offer secondary education for the Deaf.

I’m a Grade 7 student from another school; can I transfer to Benilde Deaf School for Grade 8?

Yes, you can transfer to Benilde Deaf School for Grade 8.

I’m an international student; can I apply to Benilde Deaf School?

Yes. You will need to pass the assessment procedures of BDS, and you must be willing to undergo intensive FSL training before and during the school year.

What is the curriculum used in Benilde Deaf School?

We follow the DepEd K-12 curriculum with additional subjects: Deaf Studies and Filipino Sign Language.

What are the qualifications of your teachers?

Our teachers in Benilde Deaf School:

  • Have PRC license in teaching the assigned content area or an expert in the field or, 
  • Have completed a Teacher Certificate Program or working towards finishing their TCP, and must pass LET 
  • Have adequate FSL skills to teach the content area and communicate with the Deaf
  • Are mostly Deaf and with experience in teaching Deaf students

What is the typical class schedule?

Since our classes are currently online, this is our class schedule:

Online synchronous classes: 

Monday to Wednesday 7:30 AM to 12:10 PM, with 15 min snack break

Thursday 7:30 AM to 2:00 pm, with 15 min snack break and 50 min lunch break

Online asynchronous classes: 

Monday to Thursday afternoon, Friday

Once face-to-face classes resume, the class schedule will be: 

Monday to Friday 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM, with 15 min snack break and 45 min lunch break 

How many students are there in a section?

There is a maximum of 15 students per section.

What is the grading system used in Benilde Deaf School?

We follow the DepEd grading system.

Does Benilde Deaf School have its own online learning platform?

No, we currently use Google Classroom, Google Meet, and Zoom.

Are there extracurricular activities?

Yes, students are exposed to various extracurricular activities (for example, DepEd mandated activities, activities within Benilde and De La Salle Philippines).

What are the support services for BDS students?

We offer the following services to our students:

  • Guidance and Counselling
  • Academic Support
  • Scholarships

Is there a school uniform for Benilde Deaf School?

No, students do not have a uniform but they must follow the dress code guidelines.

Are we required to buy books for our classes in BDS?

No. For online classes, BDS provides printed modules for all subject areas for free. These are given per quarter and must be picked up by parents or guardians from Benilde.

Can BDS students enter the DLS-College of St.Benilde college campus?

Yes, but only for specific school activities.

Will BDS students be allowed to use the college facilities?

Yes, but with supervision from faculty.

How much is the tuition fee for Benilde Deaf School?

Here are the approximate* tuition fee, miscellaneous, and other fees for AY 2022-2023 for BDS:

Grade 7 Grade 8
Tuition Php 120,000.00 Php 120,000.00
Miscellaneous and other fees *** ***
Total (for the whole school year) *** ***

*Cost may change without prior notice. The final computation of fees is given upon enrollment.

What are the payment term options?

The tuition fee can be paid annually or per quarter.

Are there scholarships in Benilde Deaf School?

Yes, we offer scholarships through the Center for Scholarships and Grants. 

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