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Know Computer Lab Use Policies

Benildeans who use computer laboratories should know and follow the computer lab policies. Read them here:

  1. Proper conduct must be observed inside the computer laboratory at all times.
  2. Loud or obscene language is not allowed.
  3. All users are responsible for their belongings while inside the computer laboratory. DTO is NOT responsible for any loss of personal belongings.
  4. Users must log off their Infonet account after use. Each user is accountable for their username and password.
  5. Bringing in computer laboratory equipment into or out of the laboratory is not allowed unless approved by Digital Technology Office (DTO).
  6. No free slot users shall be accommodated during scheduled class hours, seminars, or training unless authorized by the class faculty for that laboratory schedule.
  7. Free slot users are only allowed to use a workstation for a duration of one and a half (1.5) hours to give way to other users, especially during enrollment or peak hours.
  8. Only authorized DTO personnel are allowed to alter the setting/configuration of the computers and facilities.
  9. Misuse of computer laboratory facilities that results, (or could result) in damage to software, equipment, data, or facilities will be subject to disciplinary or possible legal action.
  10. Eating and/or bringing food and/or any liquid inside the computer laboratory is strictly prohibited.
  11. Loitering inside the computer laboratory is prohibited.
  12. Playing unauthorized games is prohibited.
  13. Vandalism is strictly prohibited.
  14. Accessing pornographic, violent, and other inappropriate content are strictly prohibited.
  15. Cellphones and devices that emit an audible alert (or equivalent) must be switched off or put on silent mode upon entering the computer laboratory.
  16. Computer laboratory faculty PC is strictly for faculty use only, unless the student is authorized by the faculty on schedule or by DTO.
  17. Only 1 computer is allowed for each student’s use unless authorized by the faculty on schedule or by DTO.
  18. DTO performs regular maintenance on the computer units inside the computer laboratories. Users must save their files in their respective cloud or personal storage. DTO will not be responsible for any data loss.
  19. The computer laboratory printer is intended only for the class and official academic use. 

If you encounter any problems or need technical assistance in the computer laboratory, send a message to the Benilde Technical Support page.

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