Is there any training on how to use Bigsky?

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If you feel like you need some extra help in figuring out how to use any of the features of BigSky, the Coaching and Capacity Building Team of the Center for Educational Technologies can help you.

Choose a mentor

Open your web browser and go to the Mentoring Schedule Request page at  On the left side, you will see the availability schedule of the mentors for the term.  On the right side is the dropdown list of the mentors.

mentoring session request

Click on the dropdown list and select the mentor you want to interact with.

You can only choose one mentor at a time.  Once you have selected a mentor you can now choose an available schedule.

Picking a date and timeslot

You can only choose among dates that are in black.  Tap on the date and the available time slots will appear.

Click on REGISTER for your selected timeslot.  Your mentoring schedule is now booked!

Booking more than one slot

In most cases, you may only need one session.  However, if you feel that you may need more, just go back to the form and go ahead and book an additional slot.


  • Mentoring sessions should be scheduled ahead of time, at least a day in advance.
  • If the date you want is gray it means that the mentor that you selected is not available on that day (as can be viewed on the mentoring schedule) or that there are no available slots for that day. Skip ahead to the succeeding dates by clicking on the right arrow found at the top of the calendar if you want to book a schedule for another month.
  • If you want to book on a specific day refer to the mentoring schedule for the term and look at the box where the available day and time intersects and select a mentor that falls within that intersection.


Confirmation of the booking is sent via email. Once your mentor has confirmed the mentoring session slot, he/she will calendar the appointment. This will send you a reminder before your booked session so that you could prepare.

BigSky tutorials

You may also visit to watch some BigSky tutorials that may already provide the answers to your concerns.

Need further assistance?

Please submit a ticket.

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