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Can I shift to a different program?

As an undergraduate student, you can shift to a different program if:

  • You have earned a residency of at least two (2) terms in your current degree program
  • You passed the criteria set by the receiving school

If you’re a Career Development Program (CDP) student shifting to a non-CDP degree program, you should have a Cumulative Grade Point Average(CGPA) of at least 2.0000.

International students cannot shift to Career Development Programs.

Before shifting, take note of how it will affect your maximum retention period (MRP).

When can I shift?

If you’re a frosh, you can shift on the third week of your third trimester in Benilde.

If you’re an upper-class student. you can apply to shift on the third week of the term.

How many times can I shift?

You can only shift once. Beyond that, you will exceed the maximum retention period.

I’m a scholar; can I shift to a different program?

As a scholar, you need to get approval from the Center for Scholarships and Grants before you can shift. If your request is approved, your scholarship will only cover the number of terms from your original degree program. Beyond that, you will already pay your tuition and fees in full.

How can I shift?

To apply to shift to a different program, follow these steps:

  1. Check if you meet the following qualifications:
    • You already have two terms of residency in your current degree program
    • Your CGPA meets the required grade set by the accepting department or program
    • Can complete the degree within the maximum residency period
  2. Submit the following requirements:
    • Formal letter of endorsement from parent/legal guardian
    • Clinic Clearance for students shifting to BS-IHM or BS-HRIM
    • Endorsement letter from Center for Scholarships and Grants Director for scholars or grantees

Contact the Records Associate handing the school for your undergraduate program.

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