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Loading of classes for individuals rely on validation from the Registrar’s Office (RO) and depends on the following scenarios:


Late payment of tuition fees

Have you already paid for your tuition for the term?  Loading of classes into the Student Information System (SIS) depends on the validation of payment for the term.  This usually takes up to 24 hours from payment.

Bigsky support
Bigsky support

If more than 24 hours have passed and your classes are still not on your BigSky account, you can click on the HELP button on BigSky or send an email to helpdesk@benilde.edu.ph.  Make sure to attach your proof of payment to facilitate the process.  The CET Support Team will send you an email confirmation and will coordinate with DTO and the Registrar’s Office (RO).  Your classes should be loaded within 24 hours.

Classes not listed in MY COURSES

Bigsky topnav
Bigsky topnav

Another possibility is that you simply did not see your classes on the screen when you logged in to BigSky.

At the top of the page are a series of icons.  Click on the waffle icon to display a list of classes you have access to.  If you still cannot see the classes you are supposed to be enrolled in for the term, use the search box at the top to find them one by one.  Make sure to pin them so that they will appear in your list of courses.

Watch this video for additional guidance.


Teaching load is dependent on the Learner’s Assessment of Teaching-Learning and Courseware in a Hybrid Environment (LATCH).  If a faculty member receives a low rating from the learners (students) then the plantilla will change and will affect subject loading.  Consequently, some faculty members may lose the teaching load that was previously assigned to them.

Faculty members who were given a teaching load for the term should be able to see their classes on BigSky even before the term commences.  If your classes are not on BigSky as expected you will need to reach out to your department chairperson or program coordinator and let them know that you are unable to access your classes.  They, in turn, will coordinate with the Registrar’s Office (RO) and the Center for Educational Technology (CET) so that you will have access to your classes as soon as possible.

Need further assistance?

Please submit a ticket.

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