I am so frustrated and keep getting failed marks on most of my subjects.

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Life can be overwhelming and frustrating and this could affect your performance in school.

Do you need someone to talk to?

If you need to talk to someone, an impartial third party, the Benilde Well-Being Center (BWC) has registered guidance counselors who are available for counseling (personal, career, and academic). Go to http://bit.ly/ClientInfoFormBWC to schedule an appointment. Perhaps, they can help you sort out what is causing your frustration and other concerns or issues.

I keep getting failed marks in my classes, so I want to shift to another degree program.

Shifting to another course is an option, but before you do so, please try to talk to one of our counselors first to find out the root of the problem.  You can only shift ONCE during your entire stay in Benilde, so you need to be sure about your decision to shift and to what course you intend to shift to.

Why can I only shift once?  What if I change my mind again?

You can only shift once because any more than that, you will exceed your Maximum Retention Period (MRP). According to the Student Handbook (2019-2022), the MRP is the set maximum allowable period for a student to earn a degree. It is computed at the number of terms on the student’s flowchart multiplied by 1.5.  Therefore, if the flowchart term is 10 then the MRP is 15 terms.

Depending on when you shift, some subjects will not be credited to your new course, particularly major subjects.

I want to shift to another program, is it possible to do it next term?

Shifting is not done instantly. If you are a freshman, you can only apply for shifting on the third week of your third trimester in your current course. For upperclassmen, you can apply in the third week of the current term.  This means that if you apply for shifting this term, your shifting will only take effect in the coming term.

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year Last Year

What do I need to know before I can shift?

Make sure that this is really what you want to do since you can only shift once.  Talk to the records in charge of your program to be evaluated before you can shift.  He/she will provide you with the shifting form.

Here are some things to consider:

  1. You should have a residency of at least two (2) terms in your current course as you cannot apply for shifting until you do.
  2. Talk to a representative (Chair/Academic Adviser/Faculty) of the school/program you want to shift to and make sure that you can meet the criteria they set.
  3. Be aware of how shifting will affect your MRP. The sooner you decide to shift, the better for your MRP standing.
  4. If you are coming from the Career Development Program (CDP) and planning to shift to a non-CDP course, make sure that your cumulative grade point average (CGPA) will meet the requirement of the course you are shifting to.
  5. International students are not allowed to shift to the Career Development Program (CDP).
  6. The Shifting Form will be provided by your records in charge.

Need further assistance?

Please submit a ticket.

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