I am enrolled in a course but suddenly, my access was removed when I checked a while ago. What could have happened? Will I lose my progress?

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When you enlisted, your name was added by the Registrar’s Office to the class roster and it is assumed that you will be enrolling in the course. Once the deadline of payment (of tuition) has passed and you haven’t settled your dues your name will be removed from the roster and your access to BigSky will be removed.

What should I do?

If you made your payment before the deadline using Benilde’s Online Payment Portal you should not have any problems. If you made your payment using other methods (online banking, eWallet, etc.) your payment may have been recorded late. Send your proof of payment or deposit to https://bit.ly/officialreceipt. Make sure you are logged in using your Benilde email. Confirmation of your payment could take 24 to 48 hours.

If your tuition remains unpaid, you will not be added back to the course until you do. Once your payment is encoded in the system, you will be able to access Bigsky once again.

Will I lose my progress?

You may have lost access but your files and submissions should remain intact. Once your account is reinstated, you should be able to access everything again and continue where you left off.

Need further assistance?

Please submit a ticket.

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