I already paid, how long until I get my official receipt?

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A system-generated official receipt (OR) will be emailed to you on your official Benilde email.  This will be sent to you in 1 to 2 days.  If you haven’t received it by then you can follow up by going to https://bit.ly/officialreceipt.

I am a parent, I don’t have a Benilde email account.

The official receipt will be sent to your son’s or daughter’s Benilde email account.  You can ask your child to forward it to you as soon as they receive it.

The payment details on the official receipt are incorrect.  Who should I contact to correct or clarify this?

You can submit a ticket to the helpdesk.  Make sure to provide all the pertinent details such as:

  • Name of student (payee)
  • School ID number
  • Amount paid
  • The purpose for payment (tuition, specific fees, etc.)
  • Official receipt (OR) number

Need further assistance?

Please submit a ticket.

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