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Make sure you have set up your grades tool using the Setup Wizard. You need to do this before you can create Grade Items and Categories.

Manage Grades allows you to add Grade Categories and Grade Items. For example, your Grade Categories can be Activities, Projects, and Final Requirements. You can then create specific Grade Items within each category, for example, Seatwork and Assignments can both be under Activities.

1. Click on Assessment > Grades > Manage Grades.

2. Click New Item or New Category to add an item or category.

When you create a Grade Category, you can specify the Weight of each category if you are using a Weighted Grading System, or the Points if you are using a Points System.

When you create a Grade Item within a Grade Category, assign the weight or points of that item within the Category. For example, if you have created Activities as a Grade Category and assigned a weight of 30, you can then create Grade Items within that category with 30 as their total weight.

When you have created all the Grade Categories and Grade Items that add up to 100, you can already enter grades by clicking on Assessment > Grades > Enter Grades.

4. You may also associate Grade Items with Activities or Dropboxes within BigSky.

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