How do I work on my assignments on MS Teams even when I am not online?

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Microsoft Teams will work offline if you have the app installed on your computer.

  • Make sure that you have downloaded the latest Office 365 from By default, Microsoft Teams is included in the installation.
  • Sign in using your Infonet credentials. Microsoft requires an email address to sign in so make sure to append your username with Remember, this isn’t your Benilde email (Gmail) account, it is your Infonet account.
  • Allow your computer to sync the files with those on the cloud. This could take some time, depending on how much is already uploaded (such as activities, lectures, and assignments).
  • Once everything is synced you can now work on your assignments even if you are not online, so long as the assignment itself does not require connectivity until you have to submit it (as is often the case).

Until you go back online, Microsoft Teams will not sync with the cloud so while you can work on your assignment offline, you cannot submit it until you are back online.

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