How do I use the whiteboard?

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The whiteboard is an interactive interface, which means that everyone in the call could write, draw, and scribble in it.  At the top-middle of the screen is the FRAMES icon. It lets you add a frame which you or others can work on without deleting the content of the active frame.

new whiteboard
whiteboard toolbar
whiteboard toolbar

On the left side of the whiteboard is the toolbar. It contains the different tools (such as the pen, eraser, select tool, sticky note, add image, add shape, text box, and laser) that you and your participants could use to illustrate, demonstrate, and emphasize key points, etc.

The whiteboard is very easy to use. If you are familiar with Microsoft Paint, Adobe Photoshop, or any graphic software, then this should be easy for you to figure out. Some of these features can also be found on Microsoft Office.

If you require additional explanations on how each tool works or would like to ask for one-on-one mentoring, CET’s Coaching and Capacity Building Team has mentors that could assist you.  Go to to make an appointment.

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