How do I use the Content tool on BigSky?

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From the top of the page, the second set of navigation links will allow you to navigate your current course.

BigSky course navigation

The very first link on this navigation bar is called CONTENT. This is where all modules should appear.  Think of it as a comprehensive and interactive syllabus!  It provides easy access to all lectures, notes, assignments, and activities, as well as easily track the sequence of each one.


This video below is a guide for students on how to use the CONTENT tool.


If this is your first time setting up your course on BigSky it may seem daunting, at first, but it is actually quite easy to use. You can put so many different kinds of course materials in the modules of the CONTENT tool such as images or video, links to files or websites, presentations, quizzes, reminders, surveys, etc.

You can add new content or content you prepared ahead of time such as dropboxes, quizzes, and surveys.  It also easily links to cloud-based drives such as OneDrive and Google Drive.

This video below will guide you on how to upload a topic in CONTENT.

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