How do I start a new Google Meeting?

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There are two ways you could start a Google Meeting:

From Google Meet

Once you are logged in to Google Meet, click on the NEW MEETING button.  This will start a new Google Meeting that you could use immediately.

Google Meet landing page

To invite people to join you in the meeting you will need to send them the link to the meeting. You could send them the link via email or social media.

From Google Calendar

waffle navigation

Go to the waffle navigation found at the top right side of your screen and click on the Google Calendar icon. This will bring you to Google Calendar.

Google Calendar
create an event on Google Calendar

Click on the CREATE button found on the top left of the screen to create an event.

In the top field, type in the title of the event.

Set the time and date of the meeting.

Add guests to your meeting.

Add Google Meet Video Conferencing. This is the default of Benilde but still needs to be triggered.

Add Google Meet

Click on Google Meet in the dropdown.  This will create the meeting and provide you with the link to the meeting that will be sent to your guests.

So that your guests have a clearer understanding of what the meeting is all about, make sure to add a description or attachments.

Click on SAVE.  Your event is created and will now be on your calendar. 

Join with Google Meet

When the event is about to start, click on the event to display its details and click on the JOIN WITH GOOGLE MEET button.  This will open the Google Meet interface in another tab or window and immediately enter the meeting.


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