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How do I log in to Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams is part of the Office 265 Suite which you can download from  There is also a mobile app version that you can download for Android or iOS.

Open Microsoft Teams on your computer and login using your Infonet username and password.

  • For students, type in your ID number followed by the domain (ex.
  • For faculty and associates, your Infonet username is your last name and initials. Type that followed by the domain (ex.

Your password is your nominated Infonet password.  After you click on SIGN IN you will now have access to all the features of Microsoft Teams.

If you are sure that you are inputting the correct credentials but you are still unable to log in, please send an email to using your Benilde email address.  Their response is almost immediate during office hours.





Do I need to buy Microsoft Office to use Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Office is offered for free to all members of the Benildean community with an active Infonet account. You can download a copy of Office 365 from  By default, it will download the entire Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, OneDrive, Outlook, Teams, etc.) but you can still pick and choose to download only what you need.

Do I need to download Microsoft Teams to use it?

To maximize utilization of Microsoft Teams it is still best to use the desktop application.  But you are not limited to just the desktop app.

Microsoft Teams for desktop

On the go

Most of us always have our phone or tablet with us.  We are more likely to refer to our mobile devices for quick peaks at assignments, announcements, or chat messages than open our computer.  To answer this demand Microsoft has provided a mobile version of the app for both android and iOS.  Many find this mobile app useful with video calls conducted via Microsoft Teams.

By default, the landing page of the mobile app is the chat feature but you can easily navigate to the other features with the navigation links at the bottom.


For both students and faculty, hard disk space and RAM are often challenging to work around with every app we install and projects and papers to save.  With all the apps we already have installed we are sometimes faced with the decision of uninstalling one app in favor of another.  Office 365 solved that problem by providing a browser-based version of all their apps, which includes Microsoft Teams.

browser-based version of Microsoft Teams

It has all the functionality of the downloaded version except for offline access.  If you are already using the desktop or mobile version, everything you do there will also appear here so long as you were online when you did them as Microsoft syncs its content with your account on

Is it possible to use MS TEAMS and ZOOM without downloading the app?

While it is recommended that you do download these applications if they are being used by your class or organization, yes, it is possible to use Microsoft Teams and Zoom without downloading the app. Note, however, that there are limitations to the web client version. In appearance, they will look just like the downloaded versions but in terms of functionality there will be some things you will not be able to do.

In most cases and for most users, you don’t have to download the app as the web client version is sufficient. However, if you want all the bells and whistles, then you should consider downloading.

For full details on using the Microsoft Teams web client click here.

For full details on using the Zoom web client click here.

Can I use Microsoft Teams even if I am offline?

In 2020, Microsoft activated the offline feature.  This will give you access to whatever content was already downloaded before you went offline, such as assignments and chats.  You can also compose chat messages while offline, however, you won’t be able to send them until you go back online.  The same goes for assignments.

Note: This feature can only be used if you have Microsoft Teams downloaded on your computer.

How do I work on my assignments on MS Teams even when I am not online?

Microsoft Teams will work offline if you have the app installed on your computer.

  • Make sure that you have downloaded the latest Office 365 from By default, Microsoft Teams is included in the installation.
  • Sign in using your Infonet credentials. Microsoft requires an email address to sign in so make sure to append your username with Remember, this isn’t your Benilde email (Gmail) account, it is your Infonet account.
  • Allow your computer to sync the files with those on the cloud. This could take some time, depending on how much is already uploaded (such as activities, lectures, and assignments).
  • Once everything is synced you can now work on your assignments even if you are not online, so long as the assignment itself does not require connectivity until you have to submit it (as is often the case).

Until you go back online, Microsoft Teams will not sync with the cloud so while you can work on your assignment offline, you cannot submit it until you are back online.




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