How do I create a payment request slip (PRS) for our department?

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The Payment Requisition Form is an online form provided by the Finance Department.  There are several steps to go through in creating a PRS for your department.

Go to and log in using your Infonet username and password.  Once logged in go to Financials > Payment Requisition.  This will bring you to the Payment Requisition List. Click on the CREATE NEW PRS button at the bottom of the window.

blank PRS sample

There are several fields (marked with a red asterisk) that you cannot skip.  Here’s how you can fill them out.

Requesting user

requesting user

REQUESTING DEPARTMENT will default to your department (cost center), which is predetermined by your Infonet login.  If you are involved in more than one department, select the one applicable to your transaction.

Click on the field beside the VENDOR’S NAME.  This will display the VENDOR LIST. Use the search box and type in the vendor’s name.  Once it appears, double-click on it to auto-fill the VENDOR’S CODE and VENDOR’S NAME in the appropriate fields.

If the vendor’s name does not appear in the list because it is a new vendor, then click on REQUEST TO CREATE A NEW VENDOR.

The BUDGET SOURCE defaults to the current budget school year.

There is no predetermined PURPOSE so you can free type your answer here.  Type in the purpose of the transaction.  You can also just copy and paste the purpose from the table below.

Transaction Type Purpose Application Payment Type
Book Transfer Charges Inter-departmental payment/s for transfer of budget / income within Benilde Book Transfer
Cash Advance A request of advances for anticipated expenses in an event/activity Check
Concessionaire – Canteen / Photocopier Payment to the concessionaire for food, catering, or photocopy services Check
Contracted Services – Janitorial / Maintenance / Office / Security Payment for contracted services rendered such as janitorial, maintenance, office, and security Check
Honorarium / Professional Fees / Facilitator / Interpreter’s Fees Payment for services rendered by third party consultant/s as a one-time payment or for a certain contract/duration Check, wire transfer, payroll (if Associate)
Insurance Payment to supplier/s for availing insurance policies Check
Payment to Affiliates Payment to La Salle affiliates such as tuition fee of scholars, registration, accommodation, etc. Check
Payment to Associate Payment to associates for SSS sickness and maternity benefits, CEAP, etc. Check
Payment to Student Payment to students for different purposes such as tokens for services rendered etc. Check
Payment to Supplier / Contractor / Vendor / Service Provider Payment for goods or services rendered by outside parties such as suppliers/contractors/vendor/service provider Check, wire transfer, Manager’s Check
Payroll Remittances & Payroll Related Contributions All remittances/contributions prepared by the Payroll Department such as SSS, HDMF, CEAP Plans, DLS Credit Cooperative, etc. Check, Manager’s check
Reimbursement – Accountable / CAPEX Items Payment to compensate an associate who bought accountable / CAPEX items using their personal money Check
Reimbursement – OPEX Payment to compensate an associate who shouldered an expense in an event/activity using their personal money Check
Replenishment of Petty Cash & Revolving Fund Replenishment requests of the custodian when petty cash/revolving fund is used Check
Utilities – Water / Electricity / Telephone / Mobile / Internet Payment for recurring utilities of the College or department Check

PRS Status

PRS Status

Due date: Click on the field or the calendar icon on the right to display a calendar and select the due date.

Transaction type: Click on the field to display the different transaction types and select the one that applies to your transaction. See the table above as a reference.

Payment type: Click on the field and select the appropriate payment type.  Refer to the same table above.


PRS details

Fill in the details needed for your PRS.

Select the appropriate ITEM CODE based on the table below.  Each item code has a corresponding ITEM NAME/DESCRIPTION.

Transaction Type Item Code Item Name/Description
Book Transfer Charges OP00000173 Airfare, International
PY00000112 Marketing & Advertising (GC Request)
PY00000157 Student Development
PY00000168 Facilities Rental
Cash Advance OP00001131 Hotel Accommodation, Quad Sharing
PY00000126 Meals Expense
PY00000142 Giveaways/Gifts/Tokens
PY00000164 Transportation & Travel Expense
ConcessionaireCanteen PY00000064 Adult Formation
PY00000065 Seminar/Training
PY00000126 Meals Expense
Honorarium / Professional Fees / Facilitators / Interpreter’s Fees PY00000133 Professional Fees
PY00000135 Other Professional Fees
Payment To Associate PY00000191 A/R-EES-Personal-Other Clearing Account
Payment To Supplier / Contractor / Vendor Service Provider  OP00000172 Airfare, Domestic
PY000000014 Invty – Schol Food Clearing Act
PY00000182 Moderator/Panelist (Token GC-Payable to Sodexo)
PY00000210 Government Permits
PY00000075 General Maintenance Services
Reimbursement – OPEX PY00000126 Meals Expense
PY00000142 Giveaways/Gifts/Tokens
PY00000152 Other School Activities
PY00000164 Transportation & Travel Expense
Utilities – Water / Electricity / Telephone / Mobile / Internet CP00000169 PABX System, Telephone
CP00001665 PABX, Additional Local Lines
OP00001015 Internet Service Provider
PY00000084 Internet Subscription
PY00000085 Telephone Services
PY00000224 Communication Expense
PY00000256 ISP, Internet Subscription

The content of the PURPOSE box should match the purpose you indicated in the section above.

Select one of three types of FUND SOURCES:

  • UNRESTRICTED funds are drawn from funds that are available for the general operation of the College
  • TEMPORARY funds are drawn from funds that are subject to certain restrictions and for a specific purpose
  • DEPOSITORY funds (or funds held in trust) are drawn from funds collected from different organizations wherein the College merely acts as a custodian who does not exercise control over said funds

In ACTIVITY/EXPENSE, choose the appropriate expense for the particular activity.  You may refer to the table above.

For ACCOUNT DETAILS choose NONE.  Enter the total AMOUNT of the billing invoice/sales invoice.


Go to the ATTACHMENT tab and click on the UPLOAD button.  You can download the LIST OF REQUIRED ATTACHMENTS TO PRS here.  Upload scanned copies of the documents the approving officers need.  Once you have submitted all the documents, click on the SUBMIT button at the lower right of the screen.

The PRS will now be routed to the designated signatories for online approval.  Once approved, print the PRS to be attached with the supporting attachments (if necessary).  A hard copy of the PRS and its attachments will only be submitted to the Finance Department (FD) Payables Section after complete approval in the web portal.

How long would it take to process the PRS?

Once Account Payables has received your PRS (with necessary attachments) it will take 3 to 5 working days to process.

How can I know the status of my PRS?

Once your PRS is prepared and submitted, you will receive an email notification on every approval stage of the PRS.  There are 3 stages: Department Head Approval (depending on the amount), Account Payable (A/P) Receiving and Processing, and check release notification.

Need further assistance?

Please submit a ticket.

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