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How can I avail of Adobe Creative Cloud through the school?

If you are a student of SMIT-IEMC, SDEAS, or any program under SDA, the subscription cost for Adobe Creative Cloud is already included in your tuition under miscellaneous fees. This means that there is no extra cost as it is already part and parcel of your tuition and fees.

How do I sign in to Adobe Creative Cloud?

adobe idThere are two ways for you to sign in to your Adobe account. You could go straight to the website at Once there you will see a sign-in box with four sign-in options: with an email address, via Google, via Facebook, or Apple.

Click on CONTINUE WITH GOOGLE and log in using your Benilde email account.  When prompted, select COMPANY/SCHOOL account.

Another way is to open any application from Creative Cloud that you are going to use, such as Photoshop.  If you aren’t signed in yet, the sign-in window will appear.  Sign in as you would above.

What Adobe applications will my subscription include?

Your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription will give you access to all Creative Cloud products including Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere, Acrobat, etc.  In addition, you will also have access to online features such as Behance, Adobe Fonts, and Adobe Stock.  Go to and download what you need.

I did not enroll this term; will my access be removed?

The Adobe subscription is only valid for students who are currently enrolled. If you skip a term, then your subscription will revert to the trial version, and you will only retain access to the free apps.

Will I be able to access the apps again once I enroll again?

Yes, once the Finance Department confirms that you are officially enrolled for the term, DTO will automatically reactivate your adobe subscription and you will be able to access everything again.

How many computers can I install Adobe Creative Cloud in?

You can install Adobe Creative Cloud on up to two (2) computers. However, you can only activate (sign in) to one computer at a time. If you open any of the applications on the second computer and sign in there, it will sign you out of the first computer.

I don’t need all the apps; I will probably only use 2 or 3.  Is there a discount if I don’t use them all?

Your subscription gives you access to all Creative Cloud applications. Whether you use one or all, will not affect the subscription cost.

I am a faculty member or associate, and I would like to have access to Adobe Creative Cloud, too.

Faculty members under the SMIT-IEMC, SDEAS, or any program under SDA are provided access to Adobe Creative Cloud so long as they have a teaching load for the term and are teaching subjects that require the use of any of the Adobe CC applications. For faculty and associates who are not part of the group mentioned above, you can email your department’s chairperson or head for approval. The department must have a budget allocated for the subscription. Once approved, forward the request to You will receive an email with instructions to download the app and how to activate your subscription.

Only users with active Infonet accounts will be able to retain access to the subscription. Once you leave Benilde or if you are a part-time faculty and do not have any teaching load, your subscription will be removed.

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