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Storage Limits

Google will end the unlimited storage for all educational institutions by July 2022.  However, we have been granted an extension for unlimited storage until December 31, 2022.  This will give us more time to organize and backup our data.

To manage our storage, our Benilde Mail (BMAIL) accounts must not exceed 20GB.  Implementation of storage limits will start in October 2022.  If we exceed the storage limit, we will not be able to create, upload nor sync files to our Google Drive and Google Photos. Additionally, our email services may also be affected.


Backup and Delete Files

We strongly encourage the community to backup and delete old data,  and review our Infonet Use Policy to make sure were storing data in accordance with our guidelines.


Here are a few tips on backing up and deleting files:

  • We can sift through our Google Drive accounts and retain active files and folders. Here’s an article on managing files in Google Drive.

  • Alternatively, we can use Google Takeout to download and backup emails, photos, files and other Google application data before deleting them. Take a look at this guide to Google Takeout.

  • Part of our Microsoft O365 accounts is 1TB worth of storage. We can optimize the use of this storage and transfer active files from Google Drive to Microsoft OneDrive. Here’s a short tutorial on using Onedrive.

  • We can also backup our important emails using Mozilla Thunderbird. Check out this step by step guide on using Thunderbird.

Data Privacy

Please don’t store any official Benilde files/data on personal storage, email accounts, and external storage devices as these may pose information security risks and data privacy issues.

Please make sure to check our BMail for relevant advisories in the following weeks as we monitor Google’s announcements relevant to this.

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