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Get a Benilde ID


You can get your ID from the Office of the Registrar. Your ID is validated every term upon confirmation of enrollment. If you are not enrolled or have a pending clearance, your ID will be invalid when you try to enter the campus. You need to settle any pending fees first with the Finance Department or enroll before you can use your ID again. If you have any concerns regarding your student ID, email Yvonne Edmanoel Cruz at


You can get your ID from the People and Organization Development Office (PODO). IDs of part-time faculty and consultants are validated every term. You won’t be able to use your ID to enter Benilde if you don’t have a teaching load or if your contract with Benilde has ended. If your ID is not working even if you have a current engagement with Benilde, you can go to PODO to have your ID validated or replaced.

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