Flood Safety Protocol

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Flood Safety Protocol

When there are storm signal advisories, classes are suspended based on the announcements given by the government. In case you’re on campus when there’s a flood or typhoon:

  1. Do not enter or travel through flooded areas for your safety.
  2. Stay on higher floors and wait for the water levels to subside.
  3. If you are in a flooded area on campus and need help, call the Benilde emergency hotline: 
    • Taft Campus: 0917-177-2000, (02) 8230-5100 Local 1911
    • AKIC Campus: 0917-190-4000, (02) 8230-5100 Local 2911
    • D+A Campus: 0917-192-3000, (02) 8230-5100 Local 3911
    • The Atrium@Benilde: 0917-310-4000
    • Sports and Dorm Complex: 0917-824-7000

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