Earthquake Safety Protocol

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Earthquake Safety Protocol

Follow these steps to know what to do in case of an earthquake:

Duck, cover, hold

  1. Duck, cover, and hold (DCH) as soon as you feel the shaking. Wait until the shaking stops. You will hear an alarm across the campus to signal that there’s currently an earthquake.
  2. While in the DCH position, do not consistently look down. Be mindful of the surroundings and possible falling hazards.
  3. Evacuate immediately as soon as the shaking stops. Do not use elevators. All associates (faculty and non-teaching) are to act as floor marshalls and will assist students and guests during evacuation.
  4. If you are trapped or stuck, make a sound at regular intervals to alert nearby rescue teams. If you have access to a window or opening, use an object such as a flashlight to call the attention of rescuers. If your mobile phone has a signal, call the Benilde emergency hotline: 
    • Taft Campus: 0917-177-2000, (02) 8230-5100 Local 1911
    • AKIC Campus: 0917-190-4000, (02) 8230-5100 Local 2911
    • D+A Campus: 0917-192-3000, (02) 8230-5100 Local 3911
    • The Atrium@Benilde: 0917-310-4000
    • Sports and Dorm Complex: 0917-248-7000
  5. Follow the school authorities and security personnel’s directions on where to stay. Wait for their signal before entering the school premises after the earthquake.

We regularly conduct drills to practice what to do in case of an earthquake. In situations like this, stay calm and follow what you did during drills. Make it a point to know the locations of exits before these incidents happen.

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