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Yes, we have scholarships for Benilde Deaf School and incoming first-year undergraduate applicants

We don’t have scholarships for senior high school students, transferees (except for BASAP and School of Deaf and Applied Studies applicants), second-degree applicants, international students, and graduate students.

If you are an incoming first-year undergraduate applicant and you’re interested in becoming a Benildean scholar, check if you qualify for any of our scholarship programs. Once undergraduate application starts, apply right away since slots are limited and reserved for the first batch of undergraduate applicants only.

What are the scholarships and grants that you offer?

Right now, we are still finalizing the scholarships and grants that we will be offering for School Year 2022-2023. Check this page again by October 15, 2021 or visit our website:  

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Scholarship applications are currently closed. To apply for a scholarship, wait for the scholarship applications to open by October 15. It happens around the same time as the opening of first-year undergraduate applications.

Are there scholarships for transferees?

As stated, we do not have scholarship grants for transferees and second-degree students.

Do you have scholarships for working students?

Yes, working students who will apply in Career Development Programs can apply for a BASAP scholarship.

Do you have scholarships for athletes?

Right now, since sports events are still limited due to the pandemic, we’re not yet offering scholarship grants to athletes.

Do I still have to pay the application fee if I’m applying as a scholar?

Yes, all students who wish to apply to Benilde will pay the admission processing fee of Php 600.00.

Am I required to pay the confirmation fee?

Partial scholars will pay the reservation fee of Php 5,000.00 to secure their slot in their preferred programs. If you are a full scholar, you don’t need to pay the reservation fee.


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