Do we need a Zoom pro account if we are hosting an official Benilde online event?

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Not necessarily.  Our Zoom basic account can accommodate up to 100 participants and has no time limit (if you signed in using your Benilde email account).  Unless you anticipate more than 100 participants or if you will need to use features that are not in the Basic account, that I the only time you may need to ask for use the higher account.

Where can we request for access to a pro account?

There are very limited Zoom Pro accounts issued and they have already been assigned to the different departments.  You should coordinate with your department directly as the account could already be scheduled for use on the schedule that you will need it.

We want to live stream the event on social media

Live streaming will definitely need a pro account.  If it is critical that your event is streamed live, then please coordinate with your department on using the pro account.

We want to record our event and store it on the cloud

Ordinarily, cloud recording for Zoom is, indeed, a pro feature. However, your Benilde account gives you access to cloud recording on Zoom as well as local recording (which is the default).

Can we activate the waiting room?

You can activate the waiting room on your account by default by going to > MEETING > Security > Waiting Room and just put the toggle in the ON position.

Activating the Zoom waiting room

You can also activate or deactivate the waiting room manually from within the Zoom meeting once it has started.

We will need to use breakout rooms

Allowing breakout rooms

With our current plan, we can use breakout rooms.  To set this up, go to > MEETING and scroll down to In Meeting (Advanced) > Breakout Rooms and turn the toggle on. 

If you want to assign participants into breakout rooms when scheduling, then check the box.  In most cases, though, participants are assigned after.

If you are unsure and feel the need for one-on-one mentoring or training on how to maximize the use of Zoom, you can reach out to the Coaching and Capacity Building Team of the Center for Educational Technologies.

Need further assistance?

Please submit a ticket.

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