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How can I have an event/activity CSBLIFE-accredited?

Benilde associates, both faculty and non-teaching, can submit activities to be accredited for CSBLIFE through the CSBLIFE/CSBGRAD portal. When you submit an activity, this will be reviewed to check if it’s aligned with the goals and intended learning outcomes of CSBLIFE.

Students, on the other hand, can’t submit activities for CSBLIFE accreditation. If you are a student organization and you want to have your activity accredited for CSBLIFE, ask for help from your student organization adviser to do this step for you.

What are the criteria to be considered when submitting an activity for accreditation? 

To qualify as a CSBLIFE activity, the activity should meet one of the following requirements:

  1. Introduce Benildean-Lasallian heritage to students
  2. Expose students to the Benildean college life
  3. Cultivate the Lasallian Core Values and Benildean Expressions of the Lasallian Core Values to students
  4. Reinforce any topic discussed in the CSBLIFE class:
    • Maximizing Learning in Higher Education
    • Knowing Your College
    • Benilde Policies and Processes
    • Intelligence and Learning Styles
    • The Art of Studying
    • Critical Thinking: Making Right Decisions with Confidence
    • Discovering One’s Personal Mission
    • Building Self-Confidence for Self-Efficacy
    • Stress Management
    • Time Management
    • Money Management
    • Learning from the Life Lessons of the Founder and the Patron
    • The Benildean Expressions of the Lasallian Core Values
    • Introduction to the Breakthrough Goals of Innovation and Inclusion
    • Introduction to Service-Learning
    • Valuing Inclusion

How do I submit an activity for accreditation?

If you’re planning to have an activity CSBLIFE accredited, submit it at least two weeks before the activity schedule. This is to give time to process the accreditation and for students to plan and register for your activity. 

To submit an activity for accreditation, follow these steps:

Create a new activity

  • On the left-side menu, click Application Form, then CSBLIFE Application Form.

  • Click Create New.

Fill out the form
  • Fill out the CSBLIFE Accreditation Application Form.

  • For Venue, since all activities are currently online, indicate the platform and the link that students will go to.
  • For Time, indicate the actual time and duration of the activity.
  • For the question “How does the activity exemplify the Benildean Expressions of the Lasallian Core Values?”, choose what will be manifested in the activity from the list and explain how these Benildean Expressions will be exemplified.

  • For the Synopsis of the Activity, write an overview of the activity. Include details on how students can register and participate in the event. Indicate the links that students will go to to register to have their attendance recorded.
  • Click Save

  • Indicate the Contact Person for the event and their contact details. Students will contact this person if they have questions about the activity and if their attendance wasn’t recorded. Click Add. You can also Update and Add additional contact persons for the event.

  • For the Guide Questions, write five questions that will guide students in writing their reflection papers. Focus on questions that will highlight students’ reflection of the activity about the Benildean-Lasallian heritage and culture, Benildean college life, and the Benildean Expressions of the Lasallian Core Values. Make sure that your questions promote higher-order thinking skills. Questions are added one at a time. For No, type the question number (example, 1). Type your question under the Guide Question text field. Once done, click Add.

Repeat until you have completed the required five guide questions. If you want to edit or delete a question, select it and click Update or Delete.

Submit the form
  • Once you’re done, click Submit. Your activity will be reviewed for accreditation. The processing time is at least five working days from the date of submission. When you need to revise and add additional information, submit the revisions within three working days; otherwise, your activity will not be accredited. 

  • You can also print a copy of the form for your reference by clicking Print.
  • Once your activity has been accredited, it will be included in the List of Accredited CSBLIFE activities in the portal. CSBLIFE students will be able to view and join your activity as part of their class requirement.

  • When your activity is approved, you can now market your event as a CSBLIFE accredited event.

What are my responsibilities as a CSBLIFE activity organizer?

When you submit an activity for CSBLIFE accreditation and when it gets accredited, you are required to accomplish the following responsibilities:

  • Monitor students attendance and participation in the activity
  • Submit an attendance report indicating the names of the students who attended and completed the activity, their section, and the name of their CSBLIFE teacher to the CSBLIFE coordinator, Miss Marjonette Pagaduan, not later than seven working days after the event. 

  • Email the CSBLIFE coordinator at marjonette.pagaduan@benilde.edu.ph if there are changes in the activity details, including postponement or cancellation.

Attendance to CSBLIFE accredited activities affects the grades of CSBLIFE students. Their attendance records will depend on your submitted documents. Students are expected to learn and have some take away from your activity in line with the intended learning outcomes of CSBLIFE. They will write about what they’ve learned from this in their reflection papers. 

Let’s make sure that these activities contribute to the lives of our Benildean students.


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