Using the CSBLIFE Portal (Associates)

Go to this link to go to the CSBLIFE/CSBGRAD Portal. Log in to the Portal  You need an Infonet account to be able to log in to the portal. If you’re an associate who needs to access the portal, email Go to the CSBLIFE/CSBGRAD Portal. Type your Infonet username and password. Your Infonet username […]

CSBLIFE Activity Accreditation

How can I have an event/activity CSBLIFE-accredited? Benilde associates, both faculty and non-teaching, can submit activities to be accredited for CSBLIFE through the CSBLIFE/CSBGRAD portal. When you submit an activity, this will be reviewed to check if it’s aligned with the goals and intended learning outcomes of CSBLIFE. Students, on the other hand, can’t submit […]

Attendance to CSBLIFE Activities

All our activities are online. When attending CSBLIFE activities, make sure that you use your Benilde Gmail Account ( when entering platforms like Zoom and Google Meet.  Can I attend two simultaneous CSBLIFE activities? No, choose only one activity that you’ll attend. Your full participation and attendance are expected when attending a CSBLIFE activity. Attending […]

What is CSBLIFE?

CSBLIFE is a course designed for new Benildeans. It aims to prepare and orient students on Benilde’s Philosophy of Learning, its culture, and the life skills needed to cope with college and various life situations. In CSBLIFE, you will participate in different activities within the college. These activities will focus not only on the mind, […]

I’d like to report an incident that happened during my NSTP class

If you’d like to report an incident that happened in your class or if you have issues or challenges with your NSTP Teacher or partner center, send us a message so we can address your concern and avoid it from happening again. Follow these steps:: Go to the Contact us page. Choose Student, type your […]

Am I required to take NSTP?

Are you a Filipino citizen? If yes, then you are required to take NSTP as mandated by Republic Act No. 9163. I’m an International Student; do I have to take NSTP? No, you don’t have to take NSTP. Instead, you will undergo a Community Service Program with the Center for Social Action. I’m a transferee, […]

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