Updated List of Payment Channels

Finance Department would like to announce the following updated Payment Channels for your convenience. Please click the link for the detailed instructions. Benilde Online Payment DragonPay Online Credit Card Payments for Visa and Mastercard Online Bills Payment BDO UnionBank Metrobank Over the counter (OTC) /Check Payments via Bills Payments: BDO Name of Bank                                   :  Banco De […]

I already paid, how long until I get my official receipt?

A system-generated official receipt (OR) will be emailed to you on your official Benilde email.  This will be sent to you in 1 to 2 days.  If you haven’t received it by then you can follow up by going to https://bit.ly/officialreceipt. I am a parent, I don’t have a Benilde email account. The official receipt […]

Can I pay for my tuition fees in installments?

There is no provision for installment payments in the Benilde online payment portal.  However, since you indicated (upon enrollment) your mode of payment, you will just need to pay the amount based on the payment schedule indicated.  Make sure to follow your payment schedule so that you do not encounter any problems later in the […]

How do I pay for my tuition and other fees?

Here’s an in-depth guide on Tuition, Payment Options and Fees. How will I receive my official receipt? Upon confirmation of payment, the finance department will issue a receipt to your official Benilde email.  If after two days you still haven’t received your official receipt you can follow it up by filling up the form at […]

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