Apply for a Leave of Absence (LOA)

Apply for a Leave of Absence (LOA) If you plan to take a break from your studies and pause enrolling for the upcoming term, file for a Leave of Absence by following these steps: Fill out the Leave of Absence (LOA) Form. Secure your clearances and accountabilities listed in the form (for example,approval by your […]

Shift to Another Program

Shift to Another Program An an undergraduate student, you can shift to another program if: You have earned a residency of at least two (2) terms in your current degree program You passed the criteria and required CGPA  set by the accepting department or program You have enough remaining terms to finish the program without […]

Return and Re-enroll to Benilde

Return and Re-enroll to Benilde If you were on Leave of Absence (LOA), submit the Returnee Form to the Office of the Registrar so you can enroll. The form accepts responses during the Application to Return schedule indicated in the Calendar of Activities. If you were on AWOL, write a letter addressed to the Registrar […]

View Pending Clearance

View Pending Clearance If you have pending clearance records, you won’t be able to enroll and print your student enrollment record. Follow these steps to check if you have a pending clearance: Log in to the Student Information System using your Infonet account.  From the Menu, click Clearance.  This will show your pending clearance records. […]

View Course Offerings

View Course Offerings  You can check the list of courses that you can enroll in and see the available sections and schedule online. Courses that are closed no longer appear in the enrollment system during the Add or Drop Course period. Talk to your Program Chair to request additional courses or special class offerings.  View […]

Email Records Associate

Email Records Associate If you have concerns with your student records and maximum retention period status, email your Records Associate:   Benilde Student ID Yvonne Edmanoel Cruz Student Visa Maria Fe Celera Admission Credentials (Form 137/SF10, Official Transferee TOR) Contact School of Diplomacy and Governance School of Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management School […]

Print Student Enrollment Record

Print Student Enrollment Record The final step in the enrollment process is printing your Student Enrollment Record (SER). The Print SER button is only visible during the Print SER schedule indicated in the calendar of activities. Follow these steps to do this: During the Print SER period, go to the Student Information System and log […]

Choose a Schedule

Choose a Schedule Once your courses are approved, you can choose your section and class schedule. This is enabled based on the posted schedule in the calendar of activities. Your Academic Adviser needs to approve your adjustment record before you can choose a schedule. If your adjustment status is “Pending Approval”, you can’t proceed to […]

Add or Drop a Course

Add or Drop a Course You can add or drop the courses you enlisted in during the adjustment period. Check the calendar of activities to know when you can do this. Follow these steps: During enrollment, go to the Student Information System and log in using your Infonet account.  Click Adjustment Add/Drop from the Menu.  Read […]

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