Delete grade items or categories

Delete grade items or categories Note the following: Selecting a category does not select the grade items that reside in it. If you delete a category, the grade items associated with it become independent grade items. You cannot delete grade items that are associated with another course object, such as a quiz, discussion topic, or […]

Using the Calendar

How to view and organize upcoming and past events? To view upcoming and past events, open the course and click ‘Upcoming Events.’ To add an event, click on Communication > Calendar > Create Event. Edit the details of the event then click Create.

Creating a Dropbox Submission Folder with Grade Association

How do I create a Dropbox submission folder and associate it with a grade item? To associate a Dropbox folder with a grade item you can either have an existing grade item or create one after.  I would recommend creating one first.  This will allow you to organize and plan your activities better. To create […]

Setting Up a Quiz

To create a quiz using the new Quiz Builder experience: On the navbar, click Quizzes. On the Manage Quizzes page, click New Quiz. In the General area, fill in your quiz details, including giving your quiz a name. In the Quiz Questions area, click Add/Edit Questions. Click the Add drop-down button and do any of the following: Select New Question and select the type of question you want to […]

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