Can I borrow a computer to use while we are working from home?

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While we are all working from home, the Digital Technology Office (DTO) has allocated a few computer units that they can lend to FACULTY AND ASSOCIATES.  These units are limited so not every request can be accommodated.

How do I make a request for a computer?

  1. Email a request to your department chairperson/head.  Make sure to explain why you need the computer and what software and specifications you will require to do your job effectively.
  2. Your department chairperson/head will review your request and, if he/she agrees then he/she will email an endorsement to DTO, with you included in the copy-furnish.
  3. DTO will reply and coordinate with you directly. They will inform you as soon as the unit is ready for pickup.

Can I choose the unit I will borrow?

You will not be able to choose the computer assigned to you, but you can be sure that what you receive will match the requirements you indicated in the request you sent.

Why can’t I choose the unit I want?

Many computers, especially those used in SDA, are needed in the computer labs for students who connect to them via virtual private networking (VPN) for technical classes with specialized software needs.

When can I make a request for a unit?

You can make a request anytime so long as you are properly endorsed by your department chairperson/head.

How long can I hold on to the unit?

For part-time faculty members, requests are usually made before the new term starts and units are to be returned at the end of the term.  If you will need a computer again in the following term, you will have to make a new request for it.

For full-time faculty members, while we are all working from home, you can hang on to the unit unless it was taken from a computer lab and DTO informs you that they need it back.  If you still need a computer, a new one will be assigned to you.

For associates, you can use the computer that was assigned to you in the office.  DTO can provide a unit if you do not have one or one was not previously assigned to you.

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